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  • Amber Ronae

The Best Live DJ Hybrid Band

Updated: Apr 17

the grove country club
Live DJ, Tenor Sax, Drums, and Electric Violin

Is a Hybrid Band DJ wedding right for you? If these three sentences sound like you, our Live DJ Hybrid would be an awesome fit!

1. I want something more budget friendly without sacrificing the interactiveness a live band brings

2. I want to save on SPACE (a full band takes up a bigger floor plan!)

3. I want the dancing to be continuous with no breaks (a full band takes breaks set breaks, whereas the DJ Hybrid is continuous)

Advantages of a Live DJ Hybrid Band

There's so many other awesome advantages to going this route. The dancing with the Hybrid is continuous the whole night (up to 4 hours), compared to a band that takes breaks. Also, we can play music that most wedding bands can't pull off. Like, "Pepas" live with tenor sax in the crowd with you guys. Or like the intro to "All of the Lights" on electric violin - nothing else like it! Many moments like this.

Videos & How To Choose Instrumentation

Whereas our promo videos is a great place to start, we collect lots of tagged cell phone video of our Live DJ Hybrids. We love posting these so that you get a more authentic glimpse into our musical offerings, especially when it comes to our DJ Hybrids!

When selecting the instruments to play along with your Chicago wedding DJ, we invite you to tailor your experience by choosing from Sax, Drums, and Electric Violin. Here are some insightful considerations:

Opting for drums introduce a dynamic percussive element to the music. If you love the iconic sounds of Motown, Earth Wind and Fire, Dianna Ross, a Tenor Sax might be the perfect choice to elevate the experience. For a truly distinctive touch, the Electric Violin is unparalleled, with our skilled musician playing captivating melodies among the crowd, engaging with your guests in a uniquely memorable way.

Here are some curated videos of our DJ with live musicians guests have sent us from recent weddings:

Tenor Sax + Drums at Bar Avec

Tenor Sax at Revel Motor Row

Electric Violin at Rockwell on The River

Tenor Sax at The Dalcy

We are genuinely excited about the prospect of creating an unforgettable experience for your wedding day! Your vision is always at the forefront of our planning process, and we are eager to collaborate with you to ensure every moment is not only memorable, but also resonates with the story of you & yours!

Want to see if we can make this work for your date at your wedding venue? Simply send us an email to or fill out our Contact Form and we're happy to answer any questions!


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