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Live Chicago Wedding Band Videos

Updated: May 7

wedding band videos
Photo by @alishatova

Welcome to our extraordinary world of Funktastic Productions! If you're looking for a fantastic starting point, our videos page is an absolute treasure trove. Brace yourself for an ensemble of a dozen special videos, each a true reflection of our passion for music and the embodiment of who we are. From smaller setups with a sizzling six-piece band to massive thirteen-plus member formations complete with a sensational brass section, we thrive on exploring new musical horizons.

But here's the real icing on the cake: we are constantly expanding our repertoire. For every event, we eagerly learn up to seven songs outside of our Song List. It's our unique way of tailoring each performance to perfection, making every occasion an unforgettable experience.

To give you the most authentic taste of our sound, we purposely share recent cell phone videos. These gems, captured by our kind-hearted guests, reveal the full spectrum of our infectious beats. So, head straight to our videos page, immerse yourself in the tagged Instagram stories below, and get ready for the ultimate Funktastic experience—almost like being right on the dance floor!



We LOVE this live wedding video of our 8 piece band taken by @hanaweddingfilms at Harold Washington Library in Chicago. A Stevie Wonder classic, "I Wish" is a song that all generations can relate to & feature our brass. Close your eyes and ask if it's Stevie Wonder, our our very own Deonte Baker singing this song! In addition to our band, we also provided the elevated platform stage!

3. Cafe Brauer

Cafe Brauer is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue surrounded by Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois that hosts luxurious events.


chicago wedding venues

The only venue in Chicago that includes full-service event planning in their rental fee, and a surround sound system around the entire reception space, this venue is truly a one of a kind location to host stellar entertainment.

This clip features our 10 piece band rocking Tina Turner, Alan's Morissette, Lady Gaga, and can't forget our Photo Booth during the band breaks!

5. Artifact Events

dancing at Artifact Events
Photo by @alishatova

A home venue over the years for Funktastic, each wedding at Artifact Events is new experience with a fresh playlist created by the couple. Carson & Johnny were no exception with our 7 piece band. Their guests sang the words with us all night long! Alysha singing in the crowd to "Juice" by Lizzo, and then we took them back to the early 2000's to "Roses" by Outkast.

6. RPM Events

With more than 6,000 square feet, the venue features sweeping views of the Chicago River, a grand ballroom that can be divided into three independent spaces with access to the outdoor terrace, and a fully customizable culinary experience that provides guests with the best of RPM Restaurants.

Here's our 8 Piece Band at RPM Events in Chicago!

Interested in having Funktastic for your wedding or corporate event? Click here to contact us.


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