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Christine + Chris at Exmoor Country Club in Lake Forest

Updated: Apr 17

Chris & Christine's Tented wedding at Exmoor Country Club in Lake Forest, IL was full of excitement with our 8 piece wedding band!

Christine's dad played with the band for their first dance, and this was the perfect Segway into the Father Daughter Dance. A custom vinyl dance floor featuring C+C's personalized wedding insignia added a unique and elegant touch to the venue.

In addition to the band's performance after dinner, our Chicago dance band provided our MC services to guide the flow of the event seamlessly. The curated DJ'd music during dinner added a perfect backdrop in between speeches and toasts.

C+C's wedding was a perfect blend of personal touches, live music, and entertainment creating an unforgettable experience for them and their guests!

Interested in our Chicago dance bands? Our wedding music bands would love to hear from you! Contact us to book a live band for your next event.


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