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Live Wedding Ceremony Music Audio!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Having live music for your Ceremony is a great way to have a memorable Ceremony with seamless music transitions and no awkward DJ'd fadeouts. Not only do the musicians play your Ceremony, they also play 30 minutes prior to your ceremony starting as guests arrive. This is a great way to set the unique music vibe you'll have for the rest of your wedding right from the start. We offer several combinations including Violin and Piano, Violin and Cello, Violin Viola and Cello, or a String Quartet.

Enjoy a few samples LIVE from couple's ceremonies here:

Here is how your Ceremony music should be structured:

Prelude Music: 30 minutes prior to your Ceremony starting the musicians will begin to play as guests begin to arrive and mingle and then eventually take their seats.

Parents & Grandparents Song: Sometimes couples would like to have a separate song for grandparents & parents. This is optional, and usually works best if you have a big bridal party.

Processional Song: This is the song your bridal party walks down to!

Bride Entrance Song: We'll learn anything if not already in our repertoire. This is your moment!

Recessional Song: After they pronounce you husband and wife, this is the song we'll play as you and your bridal party exit down the aisle.

You were just pronounced husband and wife - it's a celebration!! Want something fun and unique for your Recessional Song?

We loved this moment so much at The Renaissance Downtown Chicago we just had to share to recommend to other couples looking to do something fun and unique! We kept our Sax player on site (but hidden!) during the Ceremony until this moment.

For Joey and Alexi's processional, as soon as they pronounced them Husband and Wife we DJ'd Chaka Khan's "Tell Me Something Good" as they walked down the aisle. The photographer grabbed the quick picture above to capture the moment as guests cheered! Then, our Sax player jumped behind the couple and led the bridal party down the aisle, rocking out to "Tell Me Something Good" over the DJ! When the Sax reached the end of the aisle, he continued to play at the end of the aisle until the bridal party exited.

Questions about wedding ceremonies? Contact us to learn more.



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