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Best Chicago Wedding DJs and Bands Near Me

One of the best parts about being a wedding band in Chicago is that we are given the privilege of performing for true music lovers in a music-centric city. From funk, to blues, jazz, hip-hop, soul, house, and everything in between – you can find a venue in Chicago that plays your favorite tunes. And guess what? Our Funktastic band members have likely played at all of them!

With so many incredible options, picking just one style of music is challenging. That’s why we’ve designed multiple live music options for Chicago couples looking to make music a focal point of their wedding!

DJ or band for your Chicago wedding?

That is the million-dollar question. While some people love having a high energy live music feel to their wedding, others prefer hearing songs in their original form.

Why not both?

The best part of Funktastic is that we have dozens of band members and a resident DJ on staff – available to you in various combos based on your music needs! In our band/DJ combo package, we can play your first dance song in its OG format (via our DJ), then kick it over to the wedding band to open up the dance floor!

Or, if you really want to get fancy, you can add one of our live musicians to plan alongside the DJ during dancing. Some popular combo options include a live drummer, violin, or saxophone. This is a unique experience no one will ever forget!

If you’re still undecided on whether to pick a DJ or band for your Chicago wedding, here are some tips:

  • Think about the vibe you’re trying to create. While both DJs and bands are high-energy options, some music might only make sense coming from turntables (like music with no lyrics - obviously), whereas other music sounds best performed live.

  • Determine how much space you have in your venue. While we can build out performances of up to 14 artists, your venue might not have the space. So that is something to think about!

Designing your music flow with setlists

No matter where you host your wedding, the music during the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing is different. Maybe you’re someone who knows exactly what you want for each part of your special day, or perhaps you need a little guidance!

Whether you choose our wedding DJ or live band, we will sit down with you and figure out what vibe you want to create throughout the night and pick the music to match! We have an extensive song list to inspire your brainstorming session – so start there! While you’re there, feel free to check out recorded versions of our performances from other weddings.

Here are some other playlist tips for your Chicago wedding:

  • Watch wedding videos on YouTube (or our site!) to see what songs others have chosen.

  • Search for playlists that have already been created on Spotify and customize them from there.

  • Start with your MUST-HAVE songs first, and see how much room is left in the hour once those are selected.

  • Make sure the playlist sounds cohesive (we can help with that!)

Ready to make wedding music magic happen? Get in touch with us now!



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