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Why We're Unforgettable

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hi friends,

I'm going to make this short and sweet. My phone rang yesterday from a couple who had googled us, and they asked me to tell them a little bit about who are. We're so focused on making music together, so sometimes I forget to communicate exactly what separates us from the rest of Chicago's great entertainment options.

If I had to tell you in a couple of paragraphs, it would go something like this. Too many other entertainment options outsource jobbing musicians, have a few scattered bad reviews, or maybe they're a great band with an attractive price tag, but they 5 different lineups booked on the same night requiring low overhead. We're giving you full insurance that your event is going to be incredible. You're guaranteed we'll make your evening one to remember because we've never received any review short of incredible. 

We’re all about musical authenticity, and our musicians come from musical families with deep roots to the Motown and Soul era. For instance, one vocalist is the grandson of one an original Temptations member, and another is the nephew of Anita Baker. You see, we started full on advertising a year ago. Before that, you had to see us at a show or hear about us from a friend. We're devoted to you all year ‘round leading up to your wedding. Everyone in the band looks forward to your wedding, and it's always the same team working together.



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