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What Makes The Best Wedding Bands

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

So you’re planning your wedding and you’re looking for Chicago’s best wedding bands, where do you start? Well a good place to start would be making sure the band represents your style. If the band doesn’t represent you as a couple, is it really your wedding?

Is the band able to learn your first dance song that your dad and you have been planning all this time? Are you looking for custom jazz music during the wedding ceremony or cocktail hour? These are some great questions to ask your wedding band.

For us, music is the most important aspect of any wedding.

We’re so glad that you’re here and you found us! We wanna make sure that you know, we make a completely customized wedding experience for you, your partner, your guests and that’s the Funktastic difference. Here’s some reasons why we’d like to think we are Chicago’s best wedding band.

1) We keep the dance floor packed ALL NIGHT. Not only are we a unique wedding band but we are all classically trained musicians who have been playing together for years. Our chemistry is unmatched and translates to give your wedding the energy it deserves.

2) We completely customize every part of your wedding. We have horns that you can add onto any package, have a DJ that can play in between band breaks to keep the energy high and do jazz trios or quartets for your wedding cocktail hour. We have a dedicated band leader to coordinate all your wedding needs during the day of your wedding day!

3) We communicate clearly with our couples and don’t have hidden fees. Some wedding bands want to add additional costs for transportation or a sound system. Once we have our contract signed and our amount agreed on, we are ready to go for your special day and can’t wait to figure out all of the details in the coming months to plan! We aren't trying to trick you or upsell you with add-ons that you NEED during your wedding.

4) We span 11 genres! Our repertoire of music is insanely diverse. Have you checked out our song list yet? We play everything from Top 40s, MoTown, Funk, Hip Hop and so much more. We love to replace the cookie-cutter Chicago wedding band sound with musicality and innovation.



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