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The Must Ask Questions For Your Wedding Band or DJ

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Unless you’re a wedding band or DJ, it can be tough to know what’s part of the process and what’s not.

That’s why, sometimes, our couples don’t always think to ask about some things I think are pretty important, or can even get a little confused about some of the things we do as part of our craft.

So, I wanted to share with you some of the must-know information about working with a wedding band or DJ:

  • There are MANY bands that use random musicians grouped together weeks leading up to your wedding- even if they tell you otherwise. Funktastic started years ago as an original band, and there's no sheet music on stage because we are a FAMILY and used to playing with each other!

  • Be careful with a band at a low price point. Similar to a fast-food chain, it's cheaper overhead because you may be one of 5+ weddings that night under the same band name. If you choose to go with entertainment that services multiple weddings on the same night, is the quality consistent?

  • Full Liability Insurance is a requirement for many venues. If your vendor doesn't carry liability insurance, this is a red flag.

  • Having great reviews sound like an obvious one, but ever try sorting them from lowest to highest? Pay special attention to the way the band is RESPONDING to each review. The wedding pros with very genuine & personal responses should make you feel good about their attention to detail & the personal dedication they'll have for your event.

  • ASK about the sound equipment - We even can't begin to tell you how many wedding bands there are out there that bring the same sound system to a wedding that they would a bar. Ask, "Do you have a sound engineer & crew? Are they properly mic'ing horns & drums?" If the musicians run sound themselves (EX: Singer brings in PA from her trunk), that's a dead giveaway. Funktastic spends a big portion of our revenue on production. In fact, our sound crew loads in 4 hours prior to guest arrival with an empty 15 passenger van + trailer filled to the brim with sound equipment.

We love our job, and it’s truly our passion to help couples create incredible memories - so I hope this helps you better understand why wedding bands do what they do!

Is there anything that we left out? Let us know - we'd be happy to answer it for you! Send us an email to



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