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Special Requests Are Our Jam.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Have you ever noticed a band that has an enormous song list, but hardly ever plays some of the selections listed? Sometimes, bandleaders will just randomly add songs they think are “cool” to appeal to a wider audience, while bypassing the time and effort required to learn them correctly - which usually leads to less-than-stellar listening experience in the end.

With Funktastic, we play ALL of our songs ALL the time. This means we already know the audience reaction to every song we play! This is extremely helpful to know when picking your wedding song list - for instance, there may be certain 'hits' that normally wouldn't be considered, but that generate a HUGE crowd response every time we play them, and we will be sure to point these out for added consideration. In fact, part of the reason why we start planning your music far in advance is so we have time to amend our set as needed and still all for proper preparation and rehearsal time.

Our entire band have attained their bachelors or masters degree in music, and there’s nothing we love more than a challenge of making a requested tune 'fit' to our band. We’ve even arranged an EDM (electronic dance music) song! We love learning special requests because it also adds new music to our repertoire - in fact, about half our Song List is comprised of special requests from couples that we love and play all the time now. 

We LOVE song requests! The key to us customizing your wedding is seamlessly tailoring magical moments throughout the evening that you, your friends and family will remember for decades to come. When your Dad jumps up, for example, surprised and excited that we just transitioned from Bruno Mars into his favorite Rod Stewart song. Or when your friends can’t believe that we just nailed a perfect throwback to their favorite boy band, N’Sync (yes, we’ve done it 🙂).

Our regular performance agreement generously includes 6-7 song requests outside of our standard repertoire! This will usually include 2 or 3 'first dance' tunes, with the others sprinkled in during the later sets. We will help set the tone throughout the evening, with the first dance tunes being more intimate and sentimental between the bride and groom, and then getting the party going from there - we even have a couple of cool and unique ways for your wedding guests to participate and add a personal note to any requests that they might have made.

Our Song Guide is meant to be collaborative, and as soon as we are booked for your wedding or reception, we’ll send you a link to our web portal to start selecting which songs you’d like to hear. This is a private link, but can also easily be shared with your family and closest friends if chosen, and facilitate their feedback regarding your song selections. Consider your personal 'Song Requests' tab a virtual notepad, where friends and family can write in song suggestion ideas, and even have your attendees vote on them. We actually love when couples have their guests do this - it's a popular way to add some extra fun to the process, and we’ve even able to add these polls to your wedding invitations!



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