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Room Lighting W/ Wireless Uplights

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

To our lovely couples,

We have a big announcement - We are now providing UPLIGHTING AND DANCE FLOOR LIGHTING!! Room lighting with wireless mics that are compact, low battery-powered LED Par fixtures designed for uplighting and stage lighting and will bring color and excitement to any party.

Our Uplighting is NOT provided by an outside company. Everything is owned and provided in-house by Funktastic & our sound crew. In the past, these types of setups used to be a HUGE (!) expense because we had to rent them…not anymore!

There are 100's of uplighting companies to choose from but only a handful have quality, top-of-the-line lights. Even still, when you have lights that need to be plugged into an outlet, it limits where you can use them. Our wireless lights allow them to be placed ANYWHERE and without cables and tape everywhere. We have the best lights in the market and can be battery operated for up to 12 hours.

We have 64 built-in colors to choose from! They can all be the same single color or you can alternate if you like. We made sure our lights are small and compact so that they can be used anywhere including outside.

By adding DMX control, we can have the entire room become part of the light show when the band begins.


Uplighting: How many lights do you need? Whereas the size and shape of the venue will come into play, the number of guests is a great starting point for consideration:

100 person reception: 10-15 lights, $600 - $900 investment

200 person reception: 15-20 lights, $900 - $1200 investment

Backdrop Lighting for the band (green, orange, blue picture above) $180


In addition to the two big racks of stage lighting we bring out to light up the stage, we can now bring out an additional rack of lighting for the dance floor.



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