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IUOE Local 399

Nat and Elizabeth's wedding at IUOE Local 399 Union Hall was an incredible New Year's Eve wedding!

local 399 union hall

Check out some of the fun we had below! We loved their special requests, and with a big 500 person guest count, we kept the dance floor rockin' all night long.

First Dance: DJ song- All you’rn- Tyler Childers

Father/Daughter: My Little girl- Tim McGraw

Mother/Son: What a wonderful world- Louis Armstrong

Combined parent dance: LovelyDay -Bill Withers

New Years song: Auld lang syne, Followed by "All Night Revival" by Zach Bryan


"Amber and Funktastic absolutely blew us away at our New Years Eve wedding! We knew they’d be great but they far surpassed any expectations we had. They were exactly what we needed, and more, to keep the party going all night long. Guests are still reaching out for us, nearly two weeks later, to tell us how great Funktastic is!" - Nat and Elizabeth Winters

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