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DJ Cliff

Updated: May 7

Live DJ

Clif Wallace

Clif Wallace is a well-rounded drummer, band leader, DJ, and producer. Although a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Clif also has roots set in more than a few places across the South, East Coast, and Midwest, all of which have played a major role in influencing his drive as an artist, let alone a musician. Clif has since developed a career as one of the many in-demand drummer/DJs of the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

As a DJ, you can hear him spinning music for virtually any room and mood, for almost anyone. Well-rounded with knowledge and continued interest in music from all cultures, both domestic and abroad, from private dinner parties to wedding receptions, dive bars to nightclubs, backyard parties to festivals. Whether it's hip-hop/R&B, Afrobeats, Caribbean, Latin/reggaeton, classic rock, pop, and more, Clif will have you covered.

As a drummer/band leader, Clif has over 25 years of continual professional experience, playing and working with a host of musicians and artists who have gained name and notoriety both locally and abroad.



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