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With Funktastic, Big Sound Comes In Every Package

Motown Bands Chicago
Photo by @lindseynorgardphoto

With Funktastic, Big Sound Comes In Every Package

Our guitarist sings background harmonies and rocks the lead vocals for Prince & Michael Jackson songs, and our male vocalist can play the trumpet for songs with horns! Our vocalists jump into the crowd to join you on the dance floor! We're known for flawlessly learning up to SEVEN song requests OUTSIDE of our Song List! We're also known for our medlies. In the middle of Uptown Funk our drummer asks the audience if anyone was born in the 90's, and then he starts rapping the Fresh Prince theme song. There's no sheet music, we're a real band and focus on the guests. We slow the chords down at the end of Earth Wind & Fire's "Let's Groove Tonight" and go into "Pony" by Genuine. In the middle of "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce, we rap Jay Z's "I Just Wanna Love U" and then back to Beyonce! These little nuances are what keep ALL generations on the dance floor from beginning to end.

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