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  • Amber Ronae

Mother Son Dance Songs

The Hayley Mansion in Joliet
Rachael Watson Photography, Hayley Mansion Joliet IL

The mother son dance is a precious spotlight of many traditional weddings. This is the perfect opportunity for you, the groom, to let your mom know just how important she is to you. This joyful moment is where her son, her baby boy, is becoming a husband. What an awesome thing for a mother to experience!

With the countless amount of love songs out there, it can be hard finding the right song that embodies exactly what you’re trying to say.

Traditionally the groom picks the mother/son dance song, however collaborating with your mom and getting her input (or even the final choice) will ensure that you will have a great song!

Here are some tips on finding the perfect song for your special gal!

1. Try to avoid googling. While google can spark some interest, it can also be a way to overload your choices. Remember you want to keep things simple and easy as possible!

2. You want to pick a song that is meaningful to both you and your mom. Whether it is a song she sang to you as a baby or a song you both jam out to together, you want this special song to say something about the love you two share.

3. Think about the kind of vibe you want for the moment. That alone will help eliminate songs that doesn’t fit it. Do you want a traditional, slower dance song or do you want a more fun mother son dance?

4. Remember this is a dedication to your mom, so choosing a song that shows your appreciation for her is a good start for a plethora of songs crossing many genres.

5. Usually the mother/son song will last about 90-120 seconds, which is the perfect amount of time to get through one verse and one chorus. Don’t worry, we will keep it short and sweet!

While it is a client fav for Funktastic to play the mother/son dance live, we can also DJ the song for you so you can practice your moves precisely and plan each dance step!

Here are some mother/son dances Funktastic performed live over the last season:

1. I hope you dance-Lee Ann Womack

2. Simple man- Lynard Skynard

3. My wish- Rascal Flatts

4. A song for Mama- Boys II Men

5. You raise me up- Josh Groban

6. In my life- Beatles

7. Forever now- Michael Buble

8. You are the sunshine of my life- Stevie Wonder

9. I say a little prayer for you- Aretha Franklin

10. Days like this- Van Morrison

There are no wrong answers no matter what song you choose, it is really your personal preference! Have fun making your selection. Don’t forget, while you are on the dance floor with mom having that special dance, to say a little “thank you” before the music ends.



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