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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Illinois Times | Band Spotlight
Mike Zabrin's Funktastic - Tour Writeup


"You fans of funk are in for a treat, as Mike Zabrin, a young, modern master of the bass guitar, brings his entourage known as Funktastic to town. Zabrin, still in his mid-twenties, has toured the country as a bassist for many top names in the Chicago blues biz and has been featured in Bass Player magazine, no treble magazine and on WGN radio.

He headed out on his own in 2014, and since then has produced Something in the Water and Funktastic as resulting studio albums while logging plenty of road-gigging time. This weekend Mr. Mike and the crew do a spin through Kansas City and Wichita before landing in Springfield. In recordings and live performances, Zabrin’s phenomenal bass work permeates his sound, while the blend of stellar musicians and vocalists of rare talent paste a sexy sheen of impenetrable funkability to the living, breathing music. Plus he’s the GM of School of Rock Libertyville. Now, how’s that for funky?"



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