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East Coast Style Weddings: How to course mini dance parties during dinner

A completely customized experience.

We can not possibly love our couples more. Every set list is so customized, you’ll know all the words and feel like an honorary band member. We’ve been looking forward to Alexi and Joe’s East Coast style wedding at Renaissance Downtown Chicago all yearlong What's an East Coast Style wedding? So glad you asked! After cocktails, your guests are ready to party. Have us hit your guests with a burst of fun dance music (4-6 songs) when doors open to the reception area. After your grand entrance, the moment you reach the dance floor the band will begin your first dance. Then, everyone joins you on the dance floor and we'll dance for a few songs before dinner. Like coursing out dinner, think of it like coursing out mini dance parties. It can be a fun way to get your guests fired up! We coordinate with our catering and planner to ensure everything is timed perfectly. Want to keep things more traditional midwest style? Ask us how our couples have "hinted" at an East Coast Style wedding by incorporating a few of these elements to the evening! Scroll down for a few pro tips. *ALL PHOTOS BY @colinlyonsphoto


  • 15-20 minutes of dancing in between courses is the perfect duration to not have things feel choppy.

  • Experienced MC that leads people in the right direction! Whether it's back to their seats or to the dance floor, your MC needs to be top notch.

  • This is a great way to get A BIGGER SET LIST and create the illusion of a non stop dance party instead of staring at empty plates. After main entrees, the band usually plays for another 2-3 hours.



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