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Innovative Medleys Bring All Generations on The Dance Floor!

Our medlies bring ALL generations on the dance floor late at night. If it's a song you've heard 1000 times at weddings, we bring a fresh vibe at the highest level of musicality. This is what makes our Funktastic unique with an unparalleled experience! Here are a few fun examples:

In the middle of "Uptown Funk" our drummer asks if anyone here is from the 90s and then rapping the Fresh Prince of Bellaire theme song. Or, in the middle of Let's Groove Tonight by Earth Wind and Fire, we slow the groove down and go into "Pony" by Genuine (same key/chord changes). In the middle of "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce, we briefly go into "I Just Wanna Love U" by Jay-Z (same key/tempo).

We get that a wedding band is considerably more expensive than a DJ, so why shouldn't your band be innovative and unique? We're more than just a band - we're all best friends. Picture going to get a cup of coffee with a best friend vs. a co-worker. The conversation is more lively, fun, and memorable. On the stage, we call this conversation the VIBE, and it's hard to come by in a wedding band.



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