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4 BIG mistakes to avoid when booking a band

Let's face it: Planning a wedding isn't always easy.

Sure, researching details, dresses, jewelry, exotic locations, and honeymoon destinations is a thrill. But there's also a lot to do, and everyone and their mother (and your mother) seems to have an opinion about your day. Being aware of these common wedding-day mistakes will help you avoid chaos and have an unforgettable day for you and your guests!

MISTAKE #1: Too large of a band for the performance space dimensions.

I know it might sound obvious, but bands are not just a few guys with guitars. Often a wedding band involves a heavy P.A. with professional lighting, which can occupy more space than you might have planned for. Think about this - a typical Drum Set is 8'X8'. You also need 4' at each end of the performance space for the P.A. Speakers. Here are comfortable dimensions for your wedding band:

6 -8 Piece Band - 16' x 12' + 4' each side

9-12 Piece Band - 24' x 16' + 4' each side

MISTAKE #2: No Name Pronunciations for your MC.

Help your MC execute your bridal party's names so flawlessly that even they are impressed! Pronunciations listed on your timeline are always appreciated.

MISTAKE #3: Procrastinating planning the DJ Music for the Band Breaks.

Some guests at your wedding want the band experience, and some guests want to listen to a D.J. When the band takes a break, this is your time to make it the best of both worlds! Make the band a Spotify playlist that you know your guests will love, and the dance floor will stay full.

Extend your band breaks playlist to put on ambient music after the last song as guests are wrapping up for the evening. If your band breaks playlist is 20 minutes, consider making it a bit longer with your end-of-the-night songs at the bottom of the list.

MISTAKE #4.: Trying to please everyone.

Every wedding planning resource seems to know the "right way" to plan a wedding. And you probably have family and friends who are more than happy to tell you what THEY think you should do.

But trying to make everyone happy is exhausting...and it's an effort that's doomed to fail.

Choose your battles. If something is significant to you, stick to your guns. You won't be able to make everyone happy anyway. Make sure you make yourself happy.

If you've already made some of these mistakes, don't stress! Now that you know, you can fix them - and being prepared is the best way to avoid a wedding day disaster.

Suppose you haven't made any of these mistakes; CONGRATULATIONS! Learn from the couples who have gone before you. Have fun planning your wedding and decide to make it your best day ever, no matter what.

You're marrying the one you love. In the end, how can that ever be a disaster?

Happy planning!

P.S. Did one of these mistakes speak to you? Reply to this email and tell me about it - I'd love to hear from you!



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