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10 of Our Favorite Songs of All Time

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We love to get groovy, funky and make people dance! That’s why so many people love to have us spark that energy within any room we play in! You don’t have to believe us, just check out our previous reviews

We keep the party moving with non-stop energy whenever we play, which is why we love our mashups so much! If you haven’t heard a live band do a mashup before, imagine a transition a DJ makes, the music never stops (if it’s a good DJ). We take aspects from each song, reimagine them and bring out the best parts in the song. The worst is when a song drags on for way too long and we want to keep the energy in the room moving and grooving. 

We’re known for our mashups: non-stop music that surprises guests and brings the energy to another level

For this star studded list of songs, we picked out our favorite songs that are also wedding guests' favorite songs. Although we love playing these songs, and highly suggest having them at your wedding, let us know what songs are in your top 10 must play songs and we’re happy to create that list with you!

1. Roses (OutKast)

2. September (Earth Wind & Fire)

3. No Scrubs (TLC)

4. Our 90's Medley

  • (10 straight minutes of 90's music, songs flow into one another)

  • Finesse (Bruno Mars)

  • Feels Good (Tony! Toni! Tone!)

  • Poison (Bell Biv Devoe)

  • Real Love (Mary J Blige)

  • Remember The Time (Michael Jackson)

5. If You Want Me to Stay (Sly and the Family Stone) into Just Friends (Muisq Soulchild)

6. Billie Jean into Rock With You (Michael Jackson)

7. American Boy (Estelle)

8. Our Parliament Funkadelic Mashup:

  • 10 straight minutes of P-Funk. We've mastered closing the show with this awesome mashup. Even if you're not too familiar, trust me, your guests will be dancing away, and it's the perfect closer to any event.

  • We Want The Funk

  • Mothership Connection

  • Funkentelechy

  • One Nation Under A Groove

  • Atomic Dog

  • Flashlight

  • Swing Down Sweet Chariot

9. Our Uptown Too Fresh Mashup:

  • Uptown Funk

  • Fresh Prince theme song

  • Gimme Some More (James Brown)

10. Our Big Poppa In The Sheets Mashup:

  • Big Poppa (Notorious BIG)

  • In Between The Sheets (Isley Brothers)



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